Photographers of today

Do you have to hire a photographer for a wedding, communion, your portraits or your family or for an event? Today we bring you a photographer who takes those images that we like and capture the moment. He has experience in portraits and fashion photography.

This is Marco Palma, photographer specializing in fashion photography and portraits, with a very personal style, delicate and elegant that takes care in the details of each photo. Marco Palma has been in photography for many years first as an amateur photographer and then as a professional. As for its photographic services, it offers quality images, sharp and spontaneous, thanks to the extensive experience acquired over the years.

Without a doubt, the images of Marco Palma have become something important to immortalize the best moments of weddings, communions or events. We especially like his pictures as it touches all the fronts in the photography and adapts to what his customers are looking for without abandoning his own style.

We encourage you to visit his websites :link ; :link ; :link and link: where you can find his latest works and images, so you can see his style and way of working.